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A Contract Drafting And Litigation Lawyer With Over 40 Years Of Experience

Attorney Steven Weiss is known as a hard-driving litigation lawyer with a special aptitude for long-term legal solutions in complex litigation. This proficiency in finding solutions is an outgrowth of his skill in contract drafting and understanding how the terms and stipulations within a contract affect all aspects of operations. He understands how to create contracts that drive profitability and minimize exposure to risk. His vast experience in litigation allows him to recognize and avoid the kind of language in contracts that lead to disputes.

Minimizing Risk In Contract Drafting

According to attorney Weiss, the importance of being proactive in drafting contracts cannot be overemphasized. By anticipating potential conflicts, he is able to draft language that minimizes the risk of disputes and the potential for litigation. He also makes sure that all relevant parties have input in the process to help avoid problems like setting up unrealistic deadlines and relying on outdated or incomplete information.
Contracts that Mr. Weiss commonly works on include those concerning:
  • Producers and distributors
  • Maritime shipping companies
  • Domestic trucking companies
  • Domestic and international warehouses
  • Air freight forwarders
He is known for drafting contracts that are enforceable and make the obligations of every party clear.

An Experienced, Assertive Litigation Lawyer Protecting Your Rights

Business disputes are inevitable. When those disputes end up in the courtroom, it’s important to have an experienced, proactive litigator on your side. Attorney Weiss has more than 40 years of experience litigating cases. There is very little that he hasn’t seen. He is often able to anticipate legal strategies employed by opposing counsel and beat them at their own game. Although Mr. Weiss will do everything in his power to avoid litigation, he is always ready to represent you in court if it becomes necessary.

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