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Steven C. Weiss is a hard-driving attorney who has served as lead counsel for ocean shipping, importation and distribution cases for over four decades. His exceptional legal experience and precise business acumen are trusted by internationally recognized freight transportation corporations.

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Attorney Steven Weiss empowers domestic and international corporations with his comprehensive supply chain counsel. Since 1979, Mr. Weiss has worked directly with businesses ranging from Fortune 100 companies to ambitious startups. At Weiss Law Offices, P.C., attorney Weiss provides thorough, trusted direction through international shipping and domestic distribution planning, regulatory compliance and litigation.

Rigorous and versatile, Mr. Weiss has extensive experience advising industry-leading importers, exporters and distributors. As a solo practitioner, he dedicates personal attention to his clients and their concerns – overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities with focused, tailored knowledge and a thorough understanding of client objectives.

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Synthesizing Sound Guidance With Business Acumen

For domestic and international corporations alike, Mr. Weiss believes that sound legal guidance and advanced business insight are inseparable. In addition to the direct, personalized supply chain law guidance he offers, Mr. Weiss leverages an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management to ensure that his representation is tempered by precise understanding of business operations, transportation logistics and complex financial considerations.

Working with Weiss Law Offices, P.C. therefore entails more than working with a trial-tested lawyer. It empowers an enterprise to navigate complicated mergers, acquisitions and takeovers with the assurance that the counsel they receive is tailored to their commercial position.

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“He is an attorney with an extraordinarily high sense of ethics… [who] has devoted his career to transportation law. He is an expert in the general subject matter, and is also an experienced litigator in the area, practicing in state and federal courts.”

 – Don R. Sampen (Partner: Clausen Miller PC, Attorneys at Law, Chicago, Illinois)

A Record Of Positive Results. A Commitment To Continuous Education.

Mr. Weiss has competently navigated a range of significant advisory, regulatory and litigation issues. His accomplishments include the negotiation of ocean transportation contracts for a major U.S. importer with Hanjin Shipping Co., Ltd.; Evergreen Line Group; and COSCON Container Lines Company, Ltd. He has also provided successful defenses of Swiss-based Severstal Export GmbH and Beijing-based China National Chartering Corporation in federal litigation before the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois as well as a successful defense of an international air freight forwarder in a U.S. federal investigation.

Mr. Weiss’ body of legal knowledge is not limited to his decades of positive results at the negotiating table and in the courtroom. A respected lecturer, panelist and author, he is committed to positioning himself on the cutting edge of developments in supply chain law – educating both himself and his clients on novel legal questions.

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