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Maritime attorney Steven Weiss has extensive experience in domestic and international maritime law. For decades, he has been involved in drafting and negotiating contracts, litigating and providing counsel on business operations. Early in his legal career, Mr. Weiss decided to pursue a Master of Business Administration degree so that he would have insights into the challenges involved in running a business. He is known for giving sage admiralty law advice on managing financial matters and business development as well as other aspects of daily operations for oceanic transportation companies.

Common Issues In Maritime Shipping Law For Oceangoing Vessels

Weiss Law Offices, P.C., offers a range of services in compliance and regulatory matters to shipping lines and other maritime businesses involved in ocean transportation. Attorney Weiss routinely performs complex research to inform the drafting, review and negotiation of contracts. He is often assigned as lead counsel on complex domestic and international supply chain and transport litigation matters in courts in the U.S. Common legal issues the he tackles when representing clients include:
  • The ensuring of compliance with international trade rules
  • All aspects of maritime labor law
  • Guidance in the aftermath of collisions and allisions
  • Negotiations regarding overseas contracts for international product movement
  • The documentation, registration and sale of ships
  • Disputes and legal issues surrounding supply chain distribution
  • Logistics associated with the import to and export of goods to and from the U.S.
Attorney Weiss provides business advice and support to Fortune 100, midsize and entrepreneurial companies on contractual questions and regulatory matters for domestic and international transport and logistics. This includes lead counsel in complex litigation and all types of litigation-related activities.

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